Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Craftiness in such a small way....

So I have become not addicted, but highly interested and inspired by pinterest. A while ago I saw a post where you can fold your old grocery bags so they come out of a wipes can. I had just thrown away all my clorox wipes cans, but I recently had one come empty so I decided to do this quick project. The idea is that is can be set outside for a doggie poop bags. We always go outside to play with the kids, then have to turn around and come back in b/c there wasn't a bag outside.... Now I hopefully have solved the problem.

I took the rolled bags and the whole idea from this link.... This is just my version

I think this will defintely serve the purpose I needed it to. It isn't as pretty as the ones on the tutorial, but I just used some old scrapbook paper I had in the basement that I didn't think I would ever use.

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