Monday, May 16, 2011

A Southen Comfort meal! Meatloaf, Pan Potatos and Roasted Asparagus!

I love homecooked meals that feel like a blanket. Meals that are Sooo comforting you can't help but smile and forget about the trials of the day and just look at your family who is sitting at the table with you enjoying the same meal you are. There is just something so wonderful about nights like this.

4 slices of Bread
2lbs Ground Beef
3 carrots
2 onions
3 ribs of celery
1 egg
1/4 c ketchup
2 tbls Worcestershire sauce
2 tbls dried parsley
salt and pepper
1 tbls ground mustard

1/3 c brown sugar
3 tbls ketchup

Lets start with the meatloaf. Now I was never a huge meatloaf fan, but I LOVE this recipe.
First get out your food processor. Make crumbs out of 4 slices of bread (or leftover rolls etc that you have in your panty- I usually pick the oldest bread in mine no matter the style... )

Put in a big bowl. Next process the carrots, onions, and celery. Put into the bowl. Add the meat, and all other ingredients.

Place in a meatloaf pan and top with the ketchup and brown sugar mixture.

Bake at 300 degrees for 1 1/2 hours.

It should look like this... BEAUTIMOUS!

Now what may be my favorite part.
Pan Potatos

Start by chopping up 4 slices of bacon and saute them in a Large skillet with a tad bit of olive oil to help it along.

Then remove the bacon and set aside.... but leave the rendered fat in the skillet.

While the bacon is cooking chop 4 yukon gold potatoes into small cubes. Try to have them all be the same size. When the bacon is removed drop the potatoes into the skillet on med-high heat and begin to brown the potatoes.

When they start to show pretty brown colors drop the heat to med and cover the potatoes. They will continue to steam and get soft and squishy.
This will take about 10-15 min.

When they are nice and soft in the center put them in a bowl with a generous sprinkle of kosher salt, black pepper and top with the crispy bacon.

SOOOO Yummy!

And Last but not least..
Roasted Asparagus

When we have a heavy meatloaf and a warm potato with bacon you need something light and fresh and I go to asparagus.

Take the woody ends off the stocks and put them on a cookies sheet. Lightly coast with olive oil and salt and pepper. Roast at 375 degrees for about 8 min.

They will come out still firm, but not crunchy. They are soooo delicious!

Please make this meal for your family, and all sit at the table and enjoy each other while you are wrapped in the blanket of comfort from this meal!

There is also some corn and greenbeans I threw on the plate (b/c tripp loves veggies)

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