Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

So I took the kiddos down to Birmingham to go to the Zoo today... Totally forgot my camera, but managed to get a couple with my phone.

One is Padyn with the Otters, one with the Monkey (which was her favorite next to the giraffe) and the last is playing in the water.

We met Amanda and her kids, Abbey, Emma, and Mason. Amanda married one of Tripp's best friends from High School, so being the wives of friends we have gotten together a few times. Emma is one month older than Padyn and Mason is 2 months younger than porter. We have just had so much fun with the Nevilles and hope to see them more often. After going today I am thinking next summer I am going to get a membership to the Zoo for our family.
The day went really well, we left at 8am and stopped by the bank for some cash and hit the road. We made it to the zoo by 10 am and the place was packed. I got locked in the parking lot b/c it was so full and had to make a parking spot on the fly. Then loaded the kids up in the BOB and Amanda and I ventured into the crowded park. Porter was sitting in the stroller and not in his car seat (my big boy) and he was just relaxing.

I did have to bust out the baby bijorn for a while and by noon he was hungry so we let the girls play in the water sprouts and the boys got lunch.

After the babies ate we headed back to HSV and made it in the door by 3. They day could not have gone any smoother except for the losing of Porter Sophie the Giraffe. Which he loves and of course I had a replacement and a backup ordered 20 mins after we walked in the door.

Left overs for dinner and I am hoping to bring out the sewing machine tomorrow and make a goody or two for the kids tomorrow.

Tripp and I are in the process of planning our first of hopefully many annual fish frys. Bouncy house for the kids, maybe a snow cone machine and the best fried fish in town.
Also on the calendar is Porter's Baptism and of course Mother's day is around the corner... lots on the calendar and I love it. I feel like we are over the hide in the house with the baby stage and can start living life again.! Hallelujah!

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  1. ok, YES to the snow cone machine!!! i love the pearsons!!!