Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A few little funnies....

So I am going to try to start writing down the things the kids say that are funny... Porter still doesn't say much, but Padyn is starting to have understandable chatter....

Padyn: (to Porter) No no no no NO MA'AM...... (she doesn't understand ma'am is a girl thing)

Porter fell down and Padyn running to him : "brother you okay?"
Porter: "des"
Padyn:"okay... come on brother"

Padyn: "what doing mommy?"

Padyn: (as I am making her a turkey sandwich) "Turkey...yum yum yummy yummy yum yum yummy"
me: "do you like turkey?"
Padyn: "ummm hummm"

Padyn: (yelling to porter) "come on brother...come on... RIGHT NOW! "

After we picked Izzie up from the vet (where when we left her Padyn got very upset) I tried to put her down for a nap... and she was crying "Izzie... Gus...." I said do want to give Izzie and Gus a hug? "uh huh" she said. I said okay and Gus came in and she gave him a big hug... then went to the hallway and yelled "Iiiizzzzie... Izzie come here..." (then pointing her finger to the ground) "right now"

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